Top 10 Most Expensive Rings in the World

Ladies (and some gentlemen, too) just can’t live without jewellery, it’s a fact. Today, everyone can afford a ring made of gold or silver. Even diamonds are no longer the prerogative of the rich.

Nevertheless, some rings remain inaccessible to average Joes and Janes. Large, rare, and expertly crafted, these precious masterpieces cost more than a person on the street can earn in a lifetime. Yet, they beckon big spenders craving to take them home.

With a cost that equals the budget of a small country, these most expensive rings in the world set themselves apart from the pack.

Let’s see what cash-rich people spend their money on.

Here is a list of the highest priced rings in the world:

  1. The Pink Star – $83 million
  2. The World’s First Diamond Ring – $70 million
  3. The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring – $57.7 million
  4. The Graff Pink – $46 million
  5. The Princie Diamond – $39.3 million
  6. The Cullinan Dream – $35.4 million
  7. Sweet Josephine – $28.5 million
  8. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring – $16.26 million
  9. A Sensational Coloured Diamond Ring by Bulgari – $18.3 million
  10. Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring – $15.7 million

10. Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring

Bulgari two-stone diamond ring

Another masterpiece from the legendary Bulgari jewellery house concludes the top ten of the most expensive rings in the world.

Created in 1972, it features two mesmerizing triangle-cut diamonds – a flawless 9.87-carat white jewel next to a 10.95-carat stone in a ‘fancy vivid blue’ category.

The yellow gold shank lined with colourless baguette-cut diamonds completes the setting. The staggering ring changed its owner in 2010 at the Christie’s auction – the highest bid of $15.7 million let an anonymous Asian collector take it home.

9. A Sensational Coloured Diamond Ring by Bulgari

Sensational coloured diamond ring by Bulgari

8.08 carats of pure brilliance put in a platinum setting – this is what this stupendous ring is all about. The magnificent cushion-shaped blue jewel is propped by two clear diamonds in a triangular cut to maximize the impact.

The world-famous ring found its owner in 2018 and its price reached $18.3 million. Given the fact that the centrepiece stone is “among the finest blue diamonds ever to have come to market”, it’s well worth the money spent.

8. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

Chopard blue diamond ring

This exquisite piece of jewellery from the renowned Chopard jewellers exhibits a scintillating 9-carat oval blue diamond mounted in a setting of 18-carat white gold.

Blue diamonds are extremely rare in nature, especially when they boast such exceptional clarity. The extravagant sheen of the precious stone continues along the band courtesy of two auxiliary diamonds of a triangular cut.

This exclusivity and luxury helped set the sky-high price of $16.26 million.

7. Sweet Josephine

Sweet Josephine diamond ring

The magnificent 16.08-carat pink diamond is neither the largest nor the rarest but it made it to the list of the most precious jewels.

How did it do this?

It owes its staggering price to the combination of cushion cut, extremely rare for this type of diamonds, the elite ‘Fancy Vivid’ colour class, and exceptional clarity.

The formidable stone rests in a platinum-gold setting surrounded by a double halo of complementary clear diamonds.

The piece found its current owner in 2015 when Joseph Lau bought it for his daughter Josephine. This gift cost him $28.5 million.

6. The Cullinan Dream

The Cullinan Dream diamond ring

The largest (24.18-carat) Fancy Intense Blue diamond ever sold at auctions is the focal point of The Cullinan Dream ring. The stone was cut from a huge 122.52-carat rough found in the Cullinan mine in 2014.

It’s not the first time when the mine hit the headlines – it gave us the Star of Africa, the largest white diamond in the world, and part of the Crown jewels of England.

Two years after its extraction, the blue rectangular mixed-cut stone got an entourage of two smaller clear diamonds set in a platinum frame and was sold for $35.4 million at Christie’s auction.

5. The Princie Diamond

The Princie diamond ring

The 34.65-carat Princie isn’t only exceptionally beautiful but it is also the third-largest pink diamond in the world.

However, it is its unique properties that let it stand out even among the larger counterparts – when being exposed to ultraviolet light, it gives off bright fiery fluorescence.

Previously owned by the Nizam of Hyderabad Royal Family, the 300-year-old stone set a record price of $39.3 million at the Christie’s auction in 2013.

A lawsuit that followed shortly thereafter made the Princie diamond not only one of the most recognizable jewels in the world, but also the most scandalous.

4. The Graff Pink

The Graff Pink diamond ring

The devastatingly beautiful ring showcases a massive (24.78 carat) emerald-cut pink diamond flanked by two clear diamonds to protect it like a shield.

The centrepiece is classified as a ‘fancy intense pink diamond’, and it’s one of the rarest colours in the world.

Until the 1950s, it belonged to a renowned American jeweller Harry Winston who then sold it to an anonymous jewellery collector.

Despite its value, the diamond remained unnamed until 2010 when a famous diamond dealer Lawrence Graff purchased it at an auction for $46 million and dubbed it after himself.

3. The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring

The Oppenheimer blue diamond ring

With ‘only’ 14.62 carats, the Oppenheimer Blue is significantly smaller than the rings sitting on the first two rungs. But it is not exactly the size of a gemstone that makes it priceless.

The heart and soul of the ring is a sensational indigo-coloured diamond, the rarest of the kind.

The ring accommodating the stunning rectangle-cut gem was made as a gift for Pamela Oppenheimer, the wife of Philip Oppenheimer, one of the most influential diamond dealers of his time. In 2016, the unique piece of jewellery was sold at Christie’s to an anonymous buyer for $57.7 million.

2. The World’s First All Diamond Ring

The world’s first all diamond ring by Shawesh

A ring made of a single hunk of diamond and nothing else at all, how do you like this idea?

Designers from a Swiss jewellery company Shawesh wanted to impress connoisseurs with something extraordinary and the result exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations.

After a year of sketching, planning, and cutting, they were ready to show off their ingenious creation and it took the world by storm. The real humdinger of a ring boasts 150 carats and a hefty price tag of $70 million.

1. The Pink Star

The Pink Star diamond ring

A staggering 59.60-carat pink diamond in a platinum setting is the crème de la crème. The diamond was sold at a whopping $83 million in 2013 to jeweller Issac Wolf.

However, due to a delay in payment, the buyer lost the ownership and the diamond went under the hammer again in 2017 while losing almost $12 million of its price. Nevertheless, it remained the most expensive diamond ring sold publicly.

So what makes this ring so special?

Large diamonds are really rare, flawless diamonds are even rarer, and flawless fancy vivid pink diamonds are one in a million. The Pink Star ticks all these boxes. The rarity and exceptional beauty put the pink diamond at the top of the costliest rings.

So, these were the world’s most expensive rings. Which one would you buy if you were a millionaire?